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Update from Project: "Uganda Aid"

Updated: May 13, 2020

Your support for hungry families has been humbling and overwhelming!


"We are extremely grateful for your care! We initially hoped to reach 100 families, but your support has enabled us to reach out to 200! As we expanded our research to neighboring villages, we have found about 300 additional families that are in dire need. Our family partners in Uganda are selecting the needy families after a social worker has been sent on a home survey. We have been giving priority to pregnant women, elderly, disabled, and single parent households. "



We wanted to share with you all an update we received from our friends in Kalaga, Busabala, Nakkiisi, Uganda, and the surrounding areas.

Above is a mural of all of those who have been helped thus far. The following is a report from one of our contacts there, Sylvia:


"Dear our US families kindly accept our mini report.

Our submission Mid April was just a proposal little did we know that it would mature to this level.

Whoever joined in this struggle can only be paid by God.

Our target was the most needy 100 families in three villages of Nakuusi, Kalaga, and Busabala.

Between April 17th when the first installment of cash was received by Ketra the cashier and May 7th for the last installment so far,we have been able to reach out to 200+ ( two hundred families plus .which is far beyond our target goal.Bravo to everyone. I know believe the saying that One by One makes a bundle.

Here's a string of photos showing a two children that our social worker Ketrah found alone at home while their father was at the swamp trying to catch fish, they have no mother:

The boys was cooking porridge from the little bit they had left in the house...

The little guy was cooking porridge for his sick sister

Four days they are accepting their food bag and soap bar!"



Thank you again, and if you wish to contribute, here is a link to do so through Bauman Brothers, LLC paypal:

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