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Fully Licensed and Insured Trucking Kansas Bauman Farms Garnett Kansas

Marvin Bauman

Marvin began farming when he was 14, and has continuously gained valuable experience every step of the way. He currently oversees  Chemical Application and Grain Harvesting, but has a hand in almost all things Bauman Brothers Farms related. He is one of the most reliable, trustworthy, and friendly people you will meet, and truly will care for your fields as though they were his very own. Give him a call in regards to ANY of your farming needs, at (785) 448-4503, ext. 1 

Ivin Bauman
Kevin Bauman


"Supplying the equipment to support an efficient harvest"

Only the newest equipment used

Erosion control & Cover cropping


Spray coverage

Chemical Storage

Chem sales & application

Spraying application map (Crop scouting)


Click on the image below for more information:

John Deere Yield Mapping Newest Equipent Harvesting Planting Spraying
John Deere Operations Center used in all our newest Machinery nd Combines

Total Farm Packages

Non-GMO brokering

Property management

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