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We came to you last year and asked for your assistance for our friends in Uganda, Africa. The reception to our call for help was overwhelming and humbling. You can read about that here if you missed it. We were able to help EVERY ONE of those pictured in the photo below. Over 300 families in dire situations were assisted with meals, thanks in part to YOU.

We are now trying to complete our multi-year project of getting these villages fresh, running, sustainable water. I was without water for a week during the arctic freeze a few weeks ago. I can not imagine LIVING without any running water, and having that being "just a way of life". These people can. We are merely a step away from reaching that goal and changing all of that. This began as a personal mission of our own that was to be funded through the coffee sales sourced from the villages we are seeking to help, but due to the costly delays due to Covid, we are sharing our vision with you, in the hopes that your support might help speed up the process.

PLEASE, take a moment to look at the full story here: or click on the photo below, and then view the videos down below to get a sense of the situation there.

Get a glimpse of what it really is like in these videos:

Here is what they are forced to do in order to have water:

After lugging it many miles in most cases, of course:

For some, the situation is even bleaker, as this is their only option for water:

If you can assist in any way that will be greatly appreciated. We will be flying over late summer at our own expense to complete the project and do the labor ourselves with the help of the people in the villages. Any assistance with helping make this happen will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and care!

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